The medal comprehends a good contributions to fundamental geophysics and for unselfish collaboration in search

Keiiti Aki

Keiiti Aki is actually awarded the latest 2004 William Bowie Medal in the AGU Slide Appointment Honors Ceremony, that was kept with the , for the San francisco bay area, Ca.


Kei Akis medical research has offered this new frontiers of seismology having 50 years. He developed the fresh digital control out-of seismic studies to infer World structure and you will attributes of the earthquake source. Much of what we realize about large earthquakes pursue out-of their really works.

He was the first to size seismic time (with the 1964 Niigata earthquake); Aki moment have because the replaced Richter magnitude once the basic level out-of quake size. The guy discover the fundamental scaling guidelines to own seismic spectra you to solved inconsistencies certainly one of more magnitude bills, and he proposed actual type earthquakes to possess heterogeneous blame rupture. So it performs shared rather so you’re able to both the first understanding of the newest rupture techniques as well as the simple knowledge of solid crushed motions.

He elucidated brand new scattering and attenuation processes you to govern the new propagation out of higher-volume seismic swells, at which he derived new tricks for computing quake proportions, sprinkling distributions, and you will inherent attenuation details. He showed, by way of example, your intrinsic attenuation need fall off within higher wavelengths.

He arranged of many book tricks for detailing regions of seismic waves, along with totally free-oscillation breaking, Gaussian beams, and you will border integrated measures. When you look at the for each and every case, he and his college students effectively put this type of strategies to extract the fresh new variety of advice away from seismograms.

The guy pioneered traveling-date tomography as an easy way to learn lithospheric construction beneath heavy seismic arrays, publishing seminal papers almost a decade ahead of the prevalent software in order to worldwide seismology. Continue reading The medal comprehends a good contributions to fundamental geophysics and for unselfish collaboration in search

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