Adviser at the International Financial Markets Division (Associate Directorate General International Affairs)


Banco de Espana. Main duties: Monitoring of banking sector in emerging economies; short term analysis and research on the banking and the financial system of non euro economies.

Banco de Espana. Head of the Banking Analysis and Regulatory Policy Division at the Financial Stability Department (Directorate Banking Regulation). Main duties: Impact assessment on banking regulation, accounting and policy proposals affecting the banking and the financial system; development of the research agenda in the area of banking and management of the unit.

European Central Bank. Senior National Expert in the Financial Stability Policy Division (three months appointment). Main duties: Briefing notes on several issues for international meetings. Assessment and contribution to the Banking Union discussion.

Banco de Espana. Head of the Banking Analysis and Regulatory Policy Division at the Financial Stability Department (Directorate Banking Regulation). Main duties: Development of the Cost-Benefit Analysis agenda for financial regulation; management of the research unit in the area of banking.

Banco de Espana. Public Sector and Fiscal Policy Principal Economist at the Economic Analysis and Forecasting Department (Directorate Economics, Statistics and Research). Main duties: Assessment of Spanish public finances; management of the research and short term analysis unit in the area of public finance.

Financial Services Authority. Associate and then Manager in the Economics of Financial Regulation team in the Finance, Strategy and Risk Department. Main duties: policy advice, support on cost-benefit analysis on financial regulation and supervision; develop research agenda in agreement with FSA management. Main areas include prudential regulation, conduct of business on financial promotions and the supervision manual.

Her Majesty’s Treasury. Policy Advisor in the European Financial Services team at the Finances and Regulation of Industry Directorate. Main duties: assessment, negotiating and policy advise on prudential regulation; negotiation of Financial Conglomerates Directive; assessment on EU implementation


on Basel 2 for capital requirements for banks and investment firms and on Solvency 2 for solvency requirements for insurance undertakings. 1999-01:

Her Majesty’s Treasury. Economic Advisor in the Public Service Delivery Analysis (Central and Operational Research Economics) Team at the Public Services Directorate. Main duties: assessment, implementation and monitoring of the efficiency in the provision of public services. Development of the “Adding it up” project to promote evidence-based policy making across government

Bank of Spain. Junior and afterwards Senior Economist at the Economic Analysis and Forecasting Department (Directorate Economics Vietnamesische Dating-Apps, Statistics and Research). Main duties: research in the area of public finance, with emphasis on applied matters; provision of forecasts for public sector data; monitoring, assessment and reporting on the developments of fiscal policy design and implementation in Spain.

Ministry of Finance. Member of the Research team in the Area of Public Finance. Main duties: research with the aim of providing empirical evidence to support and help in the design of new policies and the evaluation of the current ones.

Industry and Energy Department of the Catalan Government. Senior Economist at the Ministerial Cabinet Office. Main duties: assessment on the Spanish and Catalan economic activity and industry performance, in response to both internal and external demands.

1981-82: Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona. Economist at the short-term analysis unit at the Research Department. Main duties: monitoring of the Catalan economy; contributions to the annual Catalan economic report.

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS, DISTINCTIONS AND AWARDS: ? PH.D. in Economics. 1996. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Dissertation title “Saving and its composition: empirical evidence for some European Union countries”(in Spanish). Award for best Ph.D in Economics at the Universidad Complutense. ? Master in Economics. 1985. University of California, San Diego. Academic Excellence Award. ? Diploma of Post-Graduate Studies on European Communities, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Spain. 1982. ? Graduate in Economics. 1980. Universidad de Barcelona.

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